Center Line Independence Festival Food Vendor Application

Where & When

Center Line Memorial Park25355 Lawrence, Center Line, MI. 48015

Center Line Independence Festival
Friday May 31st  2:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Saturday June 1st 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Sunday June 2nd Noon to 6:00 pm

Center Line Beer Fest
September 14th from 11:00 am to 11:30pm

Fees & Insurance

The three-day Independence Festival is $300 and the one-day Beerfest is $50

A current Certificate of Insurance is required for all vendors naming the City of Center Line and the Center Line Festival Foundation as an additional insured. Certificate of Insurance is required before set-up.

Vendor Space

Booth space is limited to a single truck or trailer including all wires, stakes, poles, etc.) with a good roof. You are responsible for securing your booth and contents. All items being sold or displayed must be contained within your vendor space. All advertising must be secured to truck, trailer, or tent. All items being sold or displayed must be contained within booth space.


Generator provisions are available on a limited basis, and upon prior request. Electrical arrangements Must be made at the time of application, the only plug that can be used is a 30 AMP twist lock plug. Last minute electrical changes will not be accommodated. If you have your own generator, we will supply gas.


Be prepared for inclement weather. The festival will not be cancelled because of rain. This is an outdoor event. Tents, canopies and pop-ups must be secured to withstand bad weather.


The exhibitor will be responsible to be open during the entire festival. You cannot vacate early. Your booth must be neat, attractive, and well-maintained. Signage with visible and clear pricing is required. You are responsible for setting up, maintaining, and removing your own food truck, trailer, booth, merchandise, and trash.


Shawn Massaria – Festival Vendor Coordinator Phone: 586-757-1610
Mailing Address:
Center Line Recreation Center25355 Lawrence, Center Line, MI 48015

Application Checklist

Please mail or email the following items for approval: Application, Payment, Food menu with pricing, Affirmation & Liability Release, Certificate of Insurance, Photo of your booth/any high-quality photos for our website and advertising, State of Michigan Food License

General Information


This document contains pertinent rules and regulations that govern the operations of the Center Line Independence Festival. We are extending invitations to vendors who submit fully executed applications with required enclosures and payments. Priorities for space will be reviewed based on past participation, date of receipt of fully accepted application and type of product/item. The Center Line Independence Festival strives to maintain a balance and diversity in vendor offerings, and quality offerings. All applications and products are reviewed so that we may maintain this balance. Our goal is to keep standards high and promote a safe, successful and fun festival. The policies and regulations set forth in this document are designed to maintain order and to regulate activities on the festival site. Regulations will be enforced.


The following application and agreement must be fully completed, signed and returned with the following enclosures in order to be considered for participation:


A photograph of the concession set-up and detailed description of products/items to be sold is required for vendors who have never participated at any Center Line Independence Festival (photo may be emailed to


Detailed list of all proposed products/items sold identifying offerings and projected pricing for those offerings.


Vendor fees must be submitted with a complete and signed application. Application will not be approved until all fees have been submitted.


Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Center Line and Center Line Festival Foundation as an additional insured.



All locations will be assigned by CL staff. While written location requests will be considered, placement with be at the sole discretion of CL staff.


Exhibitor/Concessionaire parking is provided in designated areas only. Except for specified set-up/load-in and break-down/load-out times, vehicles will not be permitted at event site. Vehicles will be removed immediately when asked to be by CL staff.


For the safety of the festival’s attendees, vehicles are not allowed to move onto or within the site during operating hours or during a window before and after scheduled events when attendees arrive and depart.


The City of Center Line and the Independence Festival will provide day and evening security, but food/concessionaire agrees to hold above-listed organizations harmless for any injury, theft or other loss that may occur to property or person during the load-in/set-up, event, break-down/load-out of the festival.


Vendors may not dismantle or remove booths before 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 2, 2024.


Be aware that pedestrians will still be present on Festival grounds during tear-down.


Vendors must take home their entire booths – including mats, tent, storage containers, and decorations.


Any vendors failing to completely clean up their booth areas must pay a clean-up fee of $100.00.



All vendor booths/food operations serving cooked items will be inspected by a Macomb County Health Inspector and a City of Center Line Fire Marshal.


Macomb County Health Department: inspection will be conducted upon completion of set-up, no later than Noon on Friday, May 31 st , 2024.


Fire Marshall: All vendor booths/food operations (including food trucks and trailers) cooking food will be inspected on Friday, May 31st , 2024.


Vendors will not be permitted to begin their vending operations at the festival until their food and vending operation has been inspected and determined to be following Macomb County Health Department regulations and Fire Code.

Set Up


If you are using a food truck, you MUST arrive and be prepared for business by 2 pm on Friday, May 31st, 2024.


If you are vending from a tent, you MUST arrive for set up before 2 pm on Friday May 31st, 2024.


A limited number of electrical hook ups will be available (SEE Application). You can also use propane to run your booth during the day. Vendor agrees to hold the City of Center Line and the Center Line Festival Foundation and any officers and/or owners of the company harmless for any damage to equipment caused by any malfunction.

Insurance Verification

Each exhibitor must provide the City of Center Line with a certificate for Comprehensive General Liability and Automobile Insurance, $1,000,000 minimum plus Workers Compensation as provided by the statutory limits of$100,000 each accident, $500,000 disease policy limit and $100,000 disease for each employee.

The City of Center Line and the Center Line Festival Foundation must be listed as additional insured under general liability in relation to show participation, on the certificate under “Description of Operations / Locations/ Vehicles / Exclusions added by Endorsement / Special Provision”. There are two exceptions to the Workers Compensation requirement (1) Canadian exhibitor and (2) any vendor that is self-employed with zero employees; this exhibitor must submit a date/signed letter stating “I am self-employed with zero employees and therefore exempt for carrying Workers Compensation.

Menu & Signage


Only menu items approved by the Center Line Festival Foundation and the Macomb County Health Department may be sold at the festival.


Vendors must list on their application ALL items they wish to sell. Items not listed and approved may not be sold and must be removed form vendor’s booth.


In the interest of presenting as wide a selection of food and menu items as possible, the festival office may limit a specific type of food or beverage item.


Vendors are not granted exclusive rights to sell any item.


All signs and displays must be of a professionally produced nature. All signs must be secured to the tent, truck, trailer. Prices of items must be displayed.


Food/Concessionaires are required to keep a neat, presentable booth at all times. Tables should be covered. Empty boxes and trash will not be permitted around the booth. This looks unprofessional and sloppy.


It is the sole responsibility of each exhibitor/concessionaire to obtain the applicable and appropriate state and local licenses and permits as well as payment of taxes pertaining to their operation. Please note: Food vendors should expect inspections of food operations by the Macomb County Health Department.


Sales of Alcohol Will Be Reserved Exclusively for Center Line Independence Festival. Center Line Festival Foundation reserves the right restrict which items will be sold, to include exclusive agreements with national product lines and those who have entered an agreement with the Center Line Festival Foundation to be the “official” vendor, such as: beer, wine, and Festival T-shirts.


Food/Concessionaires are not to begin removing their displays until Sunday at 6:00 p.m. Exhibits must remain open until event closing, even if exhibitor is sold out. Leaving early makes the festival look in disarray: and concessionaires who leave early will not be invited to participate the following year.

Application Form

Were you a vendor last year?
Do you want the same space?
Do you need Water Hook-up?
Do you need Electricity?

1. PROPOSED MENU OFFERINGS: List the items you want to sell at the festival. Please try to be specific as possible and list projected selling prices. Any changes in menu must be submitted in advanced in writing and approved by the Center Line Festival Foundation.

2. REMINDER: The sale of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.

3. Submitting your application does not guarantee acceptance into the event. The Center Line Festival Foundation reserves the right to deny items proposed to avoid similar items being sold by previously approved food vendors.

If you have any food or menu related questions, call Shawn Massaria at 586-757-1610.
Your menu and pricing must be clearly labeled at your booth.

The above names have read and understands the general information, procedures and conditions and seeks admission as a concessionaire.

The City of Center Line reserves the right to refuse any application. Submission of this application does not guarantee a space.

Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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